MADISON – During Tuesday’s January 6th Committee Hearing, Senator Lena Taylor (DMilwaukee), was stunned at the series of text messages sent on behalf of Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson to former Vice President Mike Pence’s legislative director.  In response, Taylor released the following statement:

“Absolutely unbelievable is all I could think of, as the text message thread between Johnson’s staff and Pence’s legislative director were revealed.  And to be honest, Johnson’s explanation is even more incredulous!  As he waves off the media and says there’s nothing to see here, it is my hope that those entrusted with protecting our right to a free and fair election, will look a lot more closely at Sen. Johnson’s role in the effort to trample on the wishes of Wisconsin voters”.

Taylor joins others in calling on both the U.S. and Wisconsin Attorney Generals to complete a thorough review of Johnson’s involvement.  Taylor believes that republicans have successfully put our electoral systems in political and cultural crosshairs.  In looking at the erosion of the American electorate’s confidence, in past and future elections, Taylor added “The genie is out of the bottle.  We can’t unsee the blatant fraud and attempts to subvert the will of Wisconsin voters.  Now the question is what can be done about it?  If these fake electors and the legislators who, both encouraged and enabled this farce go unchecked, it sets a really bad precedent.  If the law is not clear in this arena, than we need to clear it up.  You can’t just create your own list of fake alternate electors and submit them, on behalf of or in lieu of Wisconsin’s official and legal electors.”

Taylor is forwarding a letter to both Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, asking both for clarification about what remedies are available to Wisconsin voters and measures to prevent fake electors in the future.

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