(MILWAUKEE) – Today, the legislature took up Assembly Bill 966 relating to breaking up the  Milwaukee Public School System into 4-8 smaller districts. Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee)  released the following statement on the bill: 

“First of all, the idea that Sen. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield) thought he would talk about the  benefits of being a “house slave” in relationship to the importance of education for black people  was surreal. I’m still tripping off that moment.” 

“The reality is that the bill’s authors are notorious for coming up with “solutions” for a school  district that they don’t represent. Under no circumstances could I go into Brookfield and tell either their legislators or their parents that I was there to dismantle their district. Milwaukee  legislators are never even given the respect of a discussion on how to help the district, yet alone  to collaborate on legislation. I guess house slaves are just expected to know their place and do  what we are told or let someone else think for us. Not on my watch.” 

Does MPS need to improve? Yes. Should changes be made? Yes. Should a legislator from River  Hills or Brookfield be making those decisions? No. Milwaukee parents, community leaders, and  local stakeholders must be a part of any decisions regarding our school district.” 

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