“I can’t wait to see the campaign ad coming based on this announcement – it’s another obvious election year conversion by Governor Evers.

“Two years ago, he joined with Black Lives Matter in denouncing law enforcement across the state. He proposed bills that would make the jobs of law enforcement tougher, not easier. Evers even vetoed a bill last summer requiring communities to “Fund the Police.”

“Now, months from an election he is giving communities pennies on the dollar to correct the harm he has caused. While more money for policing is almost always good, nothing Governor Evers has proposed will stop the crime epidemic across the state. He’s giving nearly half the money to Milwaukee County so they can process criminals through their same revolving door criminal justice operation faster.

This is all flash, just like his $150 rebate – it doesn’t do anything. If Evers is serious about
stopping crime, he would spend that ARPA money on more cops, push for more jail time, and push for bail reform – not this feel good garbage. “

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