MADISON – Ten days after Senator Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) demanded that the Department of Corrections hand over records that were initially sought in May, Governor Evers’ Administration has provided one of the four documents requested. The latest stonewalling is obvious as some of the documents have been provided to other individuals, but not the legislature.

“This is Outrageous! Public record advocates and people who support open government should be enraged.” said Wanggaard. “These documents have been given to other requestors, but the Evers’ Administration is taking almost five months to give them to the Legislature. That’s not how the law works.”

In early May, Wanggaard and Senator Julian Bradley (R-Franklin) requested several documents from the Parole Commission and Department of Corrections. Last month, citing powers granted to legislative committee chairs under Wis. Stat. §13.45(7), Wanggaard sought “ready access” to four of these records. Late Friday afternoon, the Department of Corrections supplied only one of the requested records, a report outlining eight individuals that were released prior to completing their sentences.

“What are they hiding? Why are they delaying? What don’t they want people to know?” Wanggaard asked. “The public has a right to these documents, I have a right to these documents. I will not drop this. In the next couple of days, I will meet with Senate Leadership to determine next steps including possible legal action.”

Wanggaard will release documents as he receives them. A copy of the report of early discharges from sentencing can be found on Senator Wanggaard’s website, or by clicking here.

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