MADISON, WI — Wisconsin State Senator Eric Wimberger (R-Green Bay) issued the following statement regarding the Evers Administration permitting new PFAS present biosolid spreading. The spreading was permitted and completed over the last year.

“As recently as November 2021, Governor Evers and his administration permitted approximately 240 acres of farmland in Northeast Wisconsin to receive biosolids at the rate of 1.5 dry tons per acre. It contained PFAS levels as high as one hundred fifty thousand (150,000) parts per trillion. The disregard for PFAS concerns in this area must stop immediately.

“First, the DNR permitted wastewater facilities to spread biosolids untested for PFAS as fertilizer to farms, resulting in well contamination. Then, the Evers Administration proposed 20 part per trillion PFAS ground and surface water rules in response. Now, the Evers Administration recommends the biosolid spread containing up to 150,000 parts per trillion. The mismanagement will likely aggravate existing problems, expand well contamination, and harm public health.

“PFAS issues in our community are difficult to solve. The last thing we need is to make the problem worse. That’s exactly what Governor Evers and the DNR did.

“I have discussed the issue, and will be working closely, with Senator Felzkowski, Senator Cowles, Assemblyman Behnke, and Assemblyman Mursau, all sharing my concerns having districts affected by this issue, to find actual solutions to this problem.”

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