MADISONWI — Wisconsin State Senator Eric Wimberger (R-Green Bay) issued the following statement regarding Governor Evers and Attorney General Kaul’s lawsuit:

“Attorney General Kaul and the Evers administration speak out of both sides of their mouth by demanding others be held to a standard they themselves don’t follow.

Governor Evers and the DNR permitted PFAS-laden biosolid spreading on farmland in my district with concentrations as high as 150,000 parts per trillion as recent as November of 2021. The administration had the same science and the same health knowledge as manufacturers, yet they permitted spreading PFAS-contaminated biosolids across hundreds of acres of Wisconsin farmland and called it safe. Not only is this shocking mismanagement, it undercuts their claim of negligence and makes this lawsuit a stunt that’s unlikely to succeed.

It is no coincidence that Attorney General Kaul filed this action shortly before an election, and it’s plain to see it’s an attempt to obscure their mismanagement of the PFAS problem.”


The Evers’ administration permitted spreading PFAS-contaminated biosolids over Wisconsin farmland with PFAS contamination up to 150,000 parts per trillion, while at the same time proposing 20 parts per trillion groundwater rule as a health limit.

Senator Wimberger is spearheading legislative efforts to help property owners recoup land value for land affected by the spread of PFAS-containing biosolids.

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