Kenosha – Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Somers) issued the following statement after Governor Evers delivered his State of the State address:

“We have a $3.8 billion budget surplus, the largest “rainy day fund” in state history, a record-low unemployment rate and growing wages. The Governor has a lot to be proud of, despite constant opposition from the Republican majority in the Legislature. He’s been a good steward of our state’s federal Covid dollars, and that shows in our strong economic numbers. That’s not to say we aren’t facing challenges. The economic recovery hasn’t benefitted everyone, and there are still families struggling. Employers are having a hard time filling jobs, and we’ll need long-term solutions to our workforce problems. Governor Evers’s plan for the surplus money would address some of these challenges; giving some of that money back to our hardworking families; further investing in education and job training; and helping to offset some of the costs of care for children and adult family members. Just think of the strong position our state would be in if Republicans would set aside their partisan agenda and work with Governor Evers for the betterment of all Wisconsinites.”

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