Madison, WI. – Today, Republican Legislators introduced the Stronger Workforce Initiative, a multipronged approach to address the employment crisis facing small businesses throughout Wisconsin.

“Everyone has seen the enormous amount of ‘help wanted’ signs throughout Wisconsin. Employers are desperate to fill vacant jobs, and the lack of willing workers has reached crisis levels. There’s an abundance of high-wage jobs and a large number of workers available. The Stronger Workforce Initiative will help remove the government-create barriers between the two.

“Republicans feel an obligation to deliver smarter government programs that provide a safety net to the truly needy but don’t compete with businesses needing to hire those who are able to work. It is clear that the opportunities for Wisconsin’s workforce have changed, and our government systems need to change along with them.”

The Stronger Workforce Initiative has sponsors in both the Senate and the Assembly, and includes bills circulating to promote re-employment, protect the safety net programs, conduct more frequent eligibility checks, eliminate fraud, and tune up important programs to deliver a system that works for all Wisconsin.

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