WASHINGTON, DC – Wisconsin Democratic Senate primary frontrunner Mandela Barnes has been quietly raking in tens of thousands of dollars from defund the police radicals through a joint fundraising agreement, a new report finds.

Barnes joined an agreement with Lead the Way 2022, a progressive PAC whose leadership aligns with the defund the police and Abolish ICE movements and supports candidates who do – including Missouri “Squad” Member Cori Bush. So far Barnes has raised $28,000 from the group and continues to remain one of their featured candidates – meaning he’s still benefiting from their cash.

And notably, the PAC was “the single largest source of contributions to Barnes’ campaign in the last year.”

One of the group’s advisors claimed police “rape our women” and another said police are “proven to kill black people.” And Barnes has also given overtures to these views – appearing at events for a pro-defund the police and abolish ICE group, and speaking about “overpoliced communities” in recent interviews.

“Mandela Barnes is a radical whose sympathy toward defunding police and abolishing ICE is proven in the company he keeps. If you follow the money, it’s no coincidence the largest single source of his campaign’s cash also happens to be a far-left group leading the charge to weaken law enforcement and make Wisconsin less safe.” -SLF Communications Director Jack Pandol

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