WASHINGTON, DC – The Senate Leadership Fund is placing a “staggering” $141 million suite of fall advertising reservations, more than double its initial 2020 reservations of $67 million and a record for the organization. The ad placements come in seven states and begin on September 6, running through Election Day.

Politico: McConnell-tied super PAC makes early $141M play for the Senate

The ad reservations are as follows. All flights begin 9/6:

  • AK: $7.4 million
  • AZ: $14.4 million
  • GA: $37.1 million
  • NV: $15.1 million
  • NC: $27.6 million
  • PA: $24.6 million (begins 9/13)
  • WI: $15.2 million

Speaking with Politico, SLF President Steven Law said:

“This is such a strong year that we need to invest as broadly and deeply as we can. In the Senate, majority control is everything. It determines what happens on the floor and what doesn’t happen. It will have an impact on future Supreme Court nominations. I mean, there’s so much at stake.”

Read the full story on SLF’s fall advertising reservations and a full interview with SLF President Steven Law here.

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