WASHINGTON, DC – A breaking CNN KFILE review of Mandela Barnes’ past positions – including never-before-reported video and tweets – demonstrate that Mandela Barnes is lying to Wisconsin voters. Despite his ad claiming otherwise, Barnes does, in fact, support abolishing ICE and reducing police funding. 

CNN: Mandela Barnes has signaled support for removing police funding and abolishing ICE – despite ad claiming otherwise

Wisconsin Democratic Senate nominee Mandela Barnes has previously signaled his support for removing police funding and abolishing ICE according to a review by CNN’s KFile, despite claiming otherwise in a recent ad in which he speaks directly to the camera to defend his record on those issues.

“Look, we knew the other side would make up lies about me to scare you. Now they’re claiming I want to defund the police and abolish ICE. That’s a lie.” says Barnes to the camera in a recent 30-second television ad called “Truth.”

But a CNN KFile review of Barnes’ social media activity and public comments he made in interview appearances reveal a different and more nuanced picture in which Barnes often signaled his support for such positions.

Read the full report here

“Mandela Barnes is the radical we knew he was – a Squad-style socialist who will stop at nothing to defund police, abolish ICE, and make our communities less safe. Barnes and his crazy ideas are simply too dangerous to represent Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate.” -SLF Communications Director Jack Pandol

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