Washington, D.C. –  Today, Senate Majority PAC President JB Poersch released the following statement on the Wisconsin Senate race:

“Ron Johnson’s latest votes against fighting inflation, capping the cost of insulin, and boosting domestic manufacturing tell Wisconsinites everything they need to know about his priorities: he’s only out to enrich himself and Big Oil, Big Pharma, and his other corporate allies who fund his campaigns. The truth is that he’s lost touch with the people he was elected to represent and Wisconsin simply can’t afford a third term of Johnson standing in the way of lowering costs and creating jobs. From threatening to put Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block to rewarding companies that outsource jobs to China, Johnson has turned his back on Wisconsin and now working families are paying the price.”

“As Ron Johnson was enriching himself and pushing his own self-serving agenda at Wisconsin’s expense, Mandela Barnes has been fighting to give everyone a fair shot at the American dream. As the son of a public school teacher and a third shift UAW worker, he understands the struggles of working families because they’re his family’s struggles too. While Johnson continues to peddle conspiracy theories and pit folks against each other, Mandela is bringing people together around the kitchen table issues that matter most to Wisconsin families—that’s why he’s the leader they need and deserve to have looking out for their interests in the Senate.”

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