WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, State Solutions Inc. launched a $400,000 ad buy with two TV ads running in the Milwaukee and Green Bay media markets. The ads highlight Governor Tony Evers’ record of seeking to raise taxes on Wisconsinites and for failing to prioritize public safety and protect Wisconsin’s communities from the surging violent crime wave occurring under his watch. The ads represent State Solutions’ first of this year.

Watch “Tax Hike”

Watch “Out of Control”

“Crippling inflation, a governor who tries to raise taxes at every opportunity, surging violent crime: these are just a few of the things Wisconsin families are dealing with thanks to Governor Tony Evers’ and President Joe Biden’s disastrous policies,” said Dave Rexrode, President of State Solutions Inc. “SSI will make sure every Wisconsin voter is keenly aware of Evers’ economically devastating policies, soft on crime record, and failed leadership for his state.”

Tax Hike” Transcript:

5,200 dollars. That’s how much your family will lose this year, thanks to Joe Biden’s inflation. But Tony Evers wants even more of your money.

He tried to hike the gas tax by over 20 percent. Evers pushed to double the energy tax that would increase your heating and electric bills.

And Evers wanted to tax manufacturing jobs, making workers’ paychecks even smaller.

Call Tony Evers. Tell him to stop making things harder for Wisconsin families.

Out of Control” Transcript:

Twenty-one people shot outside of a Bucks game. Over sixty people run over in Waukesha. A city set on fire in Kenosha.

Crime is out of control. What has Governor Evers done about it?

Evers let violent criminals out of jail early. He made it easier for cities to defund the police. And Evers wants to cut our prison population in half.

Wisconsin is less safe. Less safe. Less safe.

Governor Evers failed us. Tell Governor Evers, put Wisconsin’s safety first.

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