This follows Godlewski’s October call for the baseless, partisan election inquiry led by former Justice Michael Gableman to be closed, and demanding the public disclosure of all financial records detailing how the wasteful probe has spent public money.
MADISON, Wis. — Following Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ announcement extending the contract for the Office of the Special Counsel and allowing former Justice Gableman to continue his sham investigation and sow distrust in elections that have been repeatedly found to be safe, secure, and fair, State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski released the following statement:

“Enough is enough. Far too many taxpayer dollars have been wasted on this sham investigation that has failed to find any substantial evidence of election fraud, and there continues to be a lack of any transparency about how this money is being spent. Last October, I called on Speaker Vos to end this wasteful and dangerous inquiry and provide a full, transparent accounting of how the public’s money has been spent, and many of my questions still remain. Wisconsinites deserve transparency, and as the state’s Chief Financial Officer, I am alarmed. Hardworking taxpayers expect their government to manage their dollars wisely to move our state forward and they deserve better than this costly, partisan effort,” said Treasurer Godlewski.

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