Burlington, WI — On February 28, 2022 Adam Steen enters the political arena to  represent Racine county. Adam Steen, a graduate of UW Madison, says his motivation for  stepping forward is his two daughters and standing up for future generations. We The People cannot expect any different than the status quo from the current leaders that are entrenched in  Madison. It is time to send actual representatives to the Capital to stand up for the rights of We  The People.  

Adam Steen stands for Life – the ability to live your life from conception to a ripe old age,  Liberty – to protect our God given rights along with the rights that our constitution allows, and  the Pursuit of Happiness – the ability for citizens to live their moral lifestyles with minimal  government interference. It is time that our government gets back to upholding the Constitution  and believing in the Declaration of Independence including why it was written – to stop a  tyrannical government.  

“Second to a man’s salvation, government has the most influence in the lives of each  individual citizen in this great state. It is up to us to step forward in faith and stand on the  founding principles of this great country.” -Adam Steen  

Adam Steen is running a grass roots campaign focused on returning and protecting citizen’s  rights. On August 9, 2022 Adam Steen will challenge incumbent Robin Vos who has held the  63rd Assembly Seat for over 17 years. “We desperately need citizens to step up and serve their  communities as legislators for a LIMITED TIME and return to work.” says Adam Steen.  

More information about Adam Steen can be obtained at steenforus.com

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