Sturtevant, WI— The FRIENDS OF ADAM STEEN campaign committee received notice on August 1, 2022 of a complaint filed on July 29 by Robert Jensen of Racine, WI. The complaint alleges that twelve lines of the campaign finance report through June 30, 2022, filed timely by the campaign committee’s Finance Team in July, reflect individual anonymous contributions in excess of $10.00 in violation of Wisconsin Statute Section 11.1108 reporting requirements.

FRIENDS OF ADAM STEEN Treasurer, Carol Vaclavicek, has investigated the complaint submission and believes that the allegations are without merit. The campaign committee maintains a formal, documented financial reporting control policy, has a highly qualified and stable financial reporting staff which consults frequently with the Ethics Committee in Madison before filing reports, maintains extensive training materials for occasional volunteers handling cash receipts, and maintains various physical controls to minimize the chances of such an occurrence at our popular campaign events. The Finance Team further notes that the public- access report submitted in support of the complaint omitted a standard column containing comments that document that the allegations are false.

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