Celebration is in order! The Wisconsin’s Supreme Court ruled today that ballot drop boxes are illegal
under Wisconsin law! Wisconsin law is clear, drop boxes were never authorized nor intended to be used;
in essence, the courts upheld Wisconsin’s long-established election laws that, under the guise of the
COVID pandemic, had been usurped by the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC), as directed by my
opponent, Speaker Robin Vos.
In Wisconsin, only the legislative body has the authority to create election law; WEC may only enforce
existing law. In the summer of 2020, Speaker Vos and Senator Fitzgerald single-handedly approved and
encouraged the use of the illegal drop boxes, thereby bypassing due-process requirements from the full
legislative body.
Speaker Vos, I ask you to reflect upon the oath of office you swore to uphold. All state officials have a
solemn responsibility to ensure that results obtained through illegality and fraud are never certified. The
plenary power bestowed on the legislature by the U.S. Constitution carries with it this inherent
responsibility. Regardless of your error in taking it upon yourself to authorize an illegal election practice,
you must now make it right for the citizens of Wisconsin. You must call for an extraordinary session to
honor the Assembly Joint Resolution of last session, and withdraw Wisconsin’s 10 electors, wrongly
certified, for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Wisconsinites don’t buy your assertion that withdrawing
illegally-certified electors “unilaterally overturns the election results” or that it hands the election over to
Donald Trump, or that such action is beyond your power. We all know that this oath-bound necessary
step will instead trigger further constitutional processes on a national level that have ample historical
precedent, and were foreseen by our nation’s founders.

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