Today the County Board’s Finance Committee recommended for adoption a budget amendment authored by Supervisor Patti Logsdon directing the Parks Department to explore and recommend funding sources for the planning and design phase of a fence at Boerner Botanical Gardens.

“Fencing around the Boerner Botanical Gardens is a long-term solution that will serve the gardens well,” said Supervisor Logsdon. “Having a permanent fence will allow Boerner to effectively manage admissions, reduce costs associated with vandalism, and make the venue safer. This amendment lays the groundwork for what will be a win-win for Milwaukee County. I thank my cosponsors for their support on this effort.”

The amendment directs the Parks Department to provide a report to the County Board by March 2023 on its findings.

The Boerner Botanical Gardens provides a garden setting for learning that nurtures understanding, enjoyment, and stewardship of the natural world, while nourishing and preserving the gardens for future generations.

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