Today the County Board’s Finance Committee adopted budget amendments from Supervisors Juan Miguel Martinez and Ryan Clancy to establish an MCTS Safety Taskforce and a Paratransit Taxi Taskforce.

“One thing that is clear from the many paratransit riders and ATU members we heard from on Tuesday night is that our current systems do not meet our residents’ needs,” said Supervisor Martinez. “These taskforces will supplement the work of our existing Transportation and Transit Committee to provide recommendations from the people closest to these programs. I encourage the full County Board to adopt these amendments.”

“This Board could stand to do more listening and less speaking for or at people. These two amendments allow us to do just that,” said Supervisor Clancy. “I want to thank the many paratransit riders, ATU members, and residents who encapsulated our need for forums to dip deeper on transit safety and paratransit policy in Milwaukee County. For those that were listening Tuesday evening, these issues are a clear, pressing concern for many of our neighbors.”

The MCTS Safety Taskforce would investigate ways to improve safety for bus passengers and operators. The Taskforce would be composed of the Supervisor appointed to the Milwaukee Transport Services board, an MCTS representative, a Parks Department representative, an Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998 representative, and the Judiciary Committee Chair. The Taskforce would dissolve on December 31, 2023, unless renewed by County Board policy.

The Paratransit Taxi Taskforce would be comprised of people who have used paratransit taxi or van services. Several disability rights organizations would be invited to nominate a member. The Milwaukee County Department of Transportation Director would appoint any remaining members. The taskforce would meet no less than four times a year and report to the County Board’s Transportation and Transit Committee no less than twice a year.

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