Milwaukee, WI -Wisconsin State Senator and Milwaukee Mayoral Candidate Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement regarding the spate of crimes reported today, that included the shooting of an off-duty officer in response to a carjacking and robbery attempt:

“I want to thank the off duty-officer that stepped between a dangerous individual and a woman in need of help. As he receives medical attention for gun-related wounds, he and his family are top of mind for many of us. Because of his actions, someone else got to go home tonight.

In other unrelated occurrences, there were others who lost their lives in Milwaukee today. While all of the impacted families are in our prayers, we know what people want most is an end to this violence. Period.

We can no longer task force or study our way out of this. It’s time to do the things that we know work and prioritize them. We need to get illegal guns off the streets, strategically deploy resources and law enforcement, and coordinate a response across city departments. In short, we need to work on reducing crime like our lives, and the success of this city depends on it.

Milwaukee is far more than the sum of these acts. Days like this demand that we remember who we are and what we love about this city. And then we do what’s necessary to protect it.”

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