Milwaukee, WI – Senator Lena Taylor turned in her nomination papers today. In response, Taylor made the following statement:

“As someone who worked, alongside community members to secure more than 2200 signatures to get my name placed on the ballot, I am humbled. The shortened circulation period, holidays, and at times unbearable cold weather were less than ideal conditions. Yet, unlike some of my opponents in this race, I did not pay or coerce anyone to harvest signatures to get my name on the ballot. I did it the old-fashioned way…called on family, friends, supporters and we worked our butts off.

In response to claims made by Ieshuh Griffin, we knocked on doors, stood in parking lots, talked to thousands of people, and went out in the freezing cold to get the “plethora” of signatures needed to get on the ballot. Had Ms. Griffin done the same thing, her name might have been on the ballot come February 15th.

Also, I did have a technical issue on my nomination form. I checked the box for a “spring” election rather than a “special” election. However, I did have the correct election date, April 5, 2022, clearly written on the nomination form. It’s a weird nuance, a special election happening during the spring election. Yet, those who signed my nomination forms could clearly see and understand the date of the upcoming Milwaukee mayoral election”.

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