MIDDLETON, Wis. — On Saturday, during the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s endorsement vote for Lieutenant Governor, State Senator Patrick Testin easily dominated the 9-person field as the only candidate to reach double digits, securing nearly four times more votes for endorsement than his nearest competitor on the first ballot, and a half-percent more votes than the entire field combined. Furthermore, on the second round ballot, Sen. Testin grew his lead over his opponent by over 13 percent.

After the conclusion of balloting, Sen. Testin released the following statement:
“I am incredibly humbled and so grateful to the grassroots of RPW. From the start of this campaign, we have been focused on meeting people where they are and spreading a message of hope for a brighter future for Wisconsin. I look forward to the next few months leading up to the primary, as we continue to travel the state and hear from people across Wisconsin who know that we cannot afford four more years of Tony Evers.”

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