[Fox Crossing, WI] – Andrew Thomsen, a Republican, announced his candidacy for Wisconsin’s 19th State Senate District today.

A small business owner and fourth generation Wisconsinite with strong roots in the Fox Valley, Thomsen has the experience and understanding to promote the conservative values that make the Fox Valley and Wisconsin an ideal place to live and raise a family.  Andrew said that “to make the Fox Valley the greatest it can be, we need to rely on our businesses, our families, and our community—not the bureaucrats in Madison.  The career politicians in Madison need to be replaced with new thinking by those with experience in the private sector.”

Thomsen plans to bring his extensive experience from the private sector to Madison.  He earned his undergraduate bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies, private businesses, and most recently owned and ran his own business as a sales consultant.  

Thomsen said, “We must cut taxes and regulations to promote an environment where businesses and hardworking Wisconsinites can thrive.  Our money should stay in our hands, not be sent to Madison to be spent on big government projects.  With government spending causing rapid inflation, we need conservatives in Madison to rein in inflation.”  

Family is very important to Andrew.  A proud father and grandfather, Andrew and his wife, Michelle, have three sons.  The oldest and his wife are schoolteachers with two young daughters, the middle son is a small business owner, and the youngest is an attorney. “Our families in the Fox Valley should make the decisions that are best for them instead of the government making those decisions.”

Andrew understands what it takes to make the Fox Valley the best place to live.  He explained, “What makes the Fox Valley so special is the community.  But that sense of community has been eroding as confidence in our election system is low and crime is high because of bureaucrats and Democrats.  We need to rebuild our sense of community by strengthening confidence in our election system, and by funding and respecting our first responders, our law enforcement, and our veterans.”  

Thomsen is the conservative with the qualifications, experience, and ideas to go to Madison and get the job done.  

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