[Fox Crossing, WI] – As the election has rapidly approached, Andrew Thomsen has received several inquiries about a police report filed against his opponent for the alleged illegal possession and redistribution of prescription drugs.  In what has become a pattern, Thomsen’s opponent and her proxies have spread malicious and false rumors that it was Thomsen who filed the police report. In response to these rumors and inquiries, Thomsen stated the following:

“I wanted to set the record straight against the lies and misinformation spread by my opponent and her proxies.  My opponent and her proxies are saying that I reported her for the possession and redistribution of Ivermectin.  This is simply false.  First, I did not report my opponent to the authorities for the possession and redistribution of prescription drugs.  Second, from what I have heard, the police report was filed for my opponent’s possession of an expensive prescription drug—not Ivermectin.”

Thomsen continued, “I do not know whether my opponent has done anything illegal—that is for the authorities to decide after a thorough investigation.  But if it is true that my opponent violated the law and her duties as a nurse, I believe she should be held accountable.  No person—politician or citizen—is above the law”

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