[Fox Crossing] – Andrew Thomsen, candidate for Wisconsin Senate District 19, released the following statement in response to continued attacks levied by his opponent:

“I have committed to a clean campaign pledge, and my opponent promised that she would run a clean campaign and apologize for her attacks on my supporters. Unfortunately, my opponent broke her promise and transitioned her attacks toward me. I will continue to abide by my pledge to run a clean campaign, regardless of the baseless attacks that my opponent makes.  I am not a politician.  I&’m not running so that I can sling mud at, or make attacks upon, another person. Instead, I am running to ensure that the future of our great state of Wisconsin is protected and secured for all of our children.  It is ideas and merit—not lies and attacks—that will secure our children’s future.  While my opponent may continue to make attacks as the ground swell of my campaign continues to grow, I will continue to abide by my promise to all of you that I will run a clean campaign, and I call on all my supporters and all those who live in the 19th District to do the same.  I hope my opponent follows through on her promises and joins me in running a clean campaign for the benefit of the voters of the Fox Valley, and all of Wisconsin.”

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