[Fond du Lac, WI … ]  Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney today filed this campaign finance report which demonstrates a 9 to1 cash-on-hand lead over his primary opponent who was admonished by the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police for false and misleading attacks.
District Attorney Toney remains the only Wisconsin front-line prosecutor in the race for attorney general and he has emerged as ‘law enforcement’s choice’ to lead the Department of Justice.  He is now endorsed by more than 90 law enforcement officials as well as the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police, Milwaukee Police Association, and the Racine Police Association representing thousands of men and women in law enforcement.
District Attorney Toney is also endorsed by former Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Brad Courtney, state legislators and Wisconsin Right to Life.
District Attorney Toney said he’s the only candidate that has never lived or worked in Madison, and will bring a non-politician’s perspective to the Department of Justice.


“I’m building a campaign of law enforcement officials, grassroots activists and constitutional conservatives to defeat Josh Kaul and restore law and order in Wisconsin,” said District Attorney Toney.  “I’ll put violent criminals and dangerous drug dealers behind bars, and as one of the few district attorneys prosecuting election fraud, I’ll also continue the fight to defend our election laws and protect the integrity of our electoral process. The DOJ and the people of Wisconsin deserve a prosecutor — not a politician — to fight crime and protect our liberties.”


District Attorney Toney’s campaign has grown tremendously after beating back false and misleading claims regarding his record.  His donors include many longtime GOP supporters including; Tom Diehl, David Uihlein, Curt Culver, Terrence Wall, Ed Zore, Pat and Bob Kraft, Lawrence Gentine, Stephen Mosling, Dan Ariens, Fred Mohs, Ron Buholzer, and many more.
Visit www.erictoney.com to view the list of endorsements Toney has received thus far.
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