MADISON, Wis. – Yesterday, the Volunteers for Agriculture Committee – the political arm of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation – announced their endorsement of Eric Toney for Wisconsin’s Attorney General. 

Fond du Lac County District Attorney and law enforcement’s choice for Attorney General, Eric Toney, released the following statement:”I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Volunteers for Agriculture. Wisconsin’s agriculture industry is critical to the success of our state’s economy. Farmers need a partner at the Department of Justice who will work with them – not against them. Farmers, like all law-abiding citizens, work hard to follow the law, and I will work just as hard to provide certainty and predictability to farmers so that our agriculture industry can flourish.”

You can read the full release here.

District Attorney Eric Toney is endorsed by over 100 Sheriffs, District Attorneys, and Police Chiefs, and has been unanimously endorsed by the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge, the Milwaukee Police Association, the Kenosha Professional Police Association, the Racine Police Association, and the Milwaukee Police Supervisors Organization.

To learn more about why Eric Toney is running for Attorney General, along with his background and vision for Wisconsin, click here.

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