[Fond du Lac, WI…]  Fond Du Lac District Attorney Eric Toney, law enforcement’s choice for Attorney General, released the following statement on the campaign’s best fundraising period to date:
“I’ve visited 61 counties across Wisconsin and I am humbled by the incredible momentum and energy for my campaign. I’m grateful to those that have chosen to support our campaign in so many ways, including with their hard earned dollars. The recent endorsements from Congressman Grothman and Wisconsin Family Action underscore the growing tidal wave of support to elect a prosecutor, not a politician as our ‘top cop’ and make Josh Kaul a one term Attorney General. The number of donors has swelled over the last 6 months and leaves us primed to win the Republican nomination on August 9th.”

Eric Toney for Attorney General raised over $102,000 for this last reporting period and has over $83,000 cash on hand entering into the last 3 weeks of the Republican primary. Combined with our grassroots support, as evidenced by Eric taking 54% of the delegates vote at the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s convention, the campaign has the resources to deliver a strong victory on August 9th. The fundraising haul is more than all of last year combined for Toney and more than doubled his previous reporting period high.

District Attorney Toney, law enforcement’s choice for Attorney General, is endorsed by more than 100 sheriffs, district attorneys, and police chiefs, dwarfing the combined support of every other candidate in the race. Eric is also endorsed by the Milwaukee Police Association (MPA), WI Fraternal Order of Police, and the Racine Police Association.  The MPA said their decision to endorse Toney was a ‘matter of life and death’ as the state’s largest city is experiencing record crime, drug deaths, and murder.

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