[Fond du Lac, WI…]  District Attorney Eric Toney’s campaign for attorney general today hit a milestone with the 100th law enforcement official backing the only candidate with Wisconsin prosecution experience.
Racine County District Attorney Patricia Hanson announced her endorsement of Toney saying Wisconsin’s spike in violent crime leaves no time for “on-the-job-training.”
“I’m honored and excited to endorse Eric Toney for attorney general. He’s a proven, tough-on-crime prosecutor who’ll work with local law enforcement to clean up the mess Josh Kaul has made at the Department of Justice.  Crime in Wisconsin is surging, and we do not have time for on-the-job training.  He’s the only candidate who has managed a team of prosecutors and utilized the resources of the DOJ to keep our communities safe. Eric Toney will make an excellent ‘top cop’ for Wisconsin,” said Racine County District Attorney Hanson.
In Racine County, District Attorney Hanson joins Sheriff Christopher Schmaling, Senator Van Wanggaard, County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, and Clerk of Circuit Court Sam Christensen in endorsing the Fond du Lac County District Attorney for Wisconsin’s ‘top cop.’
Toney’s 100 endorsements from law enforcement from sheriffs, district attorneys, and police chiefs dwarfs those of his GOP primary opponent who has no prosecution experience whatsoever and has never even done a jury trial.
Toney is also endorsed by the Milwaukee Police Association (MPA), WI Fraternal Order of Police, and the Racine Police Association.  The MPA said their decision to endorse Toney was a “matter of life and death” as the state’s largest city is experiencing record crime and murder rates.
Toney said he’ll restore the Department of Justice’s mission to fight crime and seek justice on day one as Wisconsin’s attorney general.
“Josh Kaul’s woke, soft-on-crime policies are making Wisconsin less safe, and the crime labs have fallen behind due to his lack of leadership.  He’s been an abysmal failure.  I will partner with local law enforcement to restore law and order, and put violent criminals behind bars,” said Toney. “As the son of a retired cop, it’s frustrating to see my primary opponent call law enforcement a ‘bozo operation’ while our current attorney general has turned his back on law enforcement to appease the woke mob.  Law enforcement deserves better, and as the next attorney general I’ll stand with law enforcement.”
Recently, a top DOJ official acknowledged Kaul has allowed investigator jobs to lapse, and more retirements are expected.
“Josh Kaul has defunded the police and prosecutors at a time when violent criminals are running rampant and drugs are killing people,” Toney said.  “Cops are getting shot on the streets in our cities, while Josh Kaul has also mismanaged the crime lab. I will fix the mess Kaul created.”
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