Prosecutor says on Day One he’ll request DOJ original jurisdiction to prosecute, Milwaukee 4th highest increase in murder in USA; MPA, FOP and MSPO join call to action

[Milwaukee, WI…]  Eric Toney, Fond du Lac District Attorney and law enforcement’s choice for attorney general, was joined by the MPA, FOP, and Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt as Toney today renewed a call for the Department of Justice to obtain original jurisdiction to address the historic level of homicides and drug deaths in Milwaukee.Milwaukee reported the fourth highest increase in homicides this year according to Milwaukee Police Department (MPA) data.  As of July 27, 2022, MPD data demonstrates there have been 133 homicides, which represents a 40 percent increase from the same time in 2021. If the trend continues, the number of murders in Milwaukee will shatter the record of 193 in a single year which was set in 2021.  For the last two years in row a new homicide record has been set in the city.“Milwaukee has become one of America’s most dangerous cities. We know Milwaukee violence bleeds across Wisconsin and by protecting Milwaukee we will protect all of Wisconsin. Josh Kaul’s response to the increased violence, murders, and drug deaths is to leave prosecutor and DCI agent positions vacant at the DOJ. Kaul has also mismanaged our Crime Labs taking in less items to test, testing less items, and taking longer to test many categories of items, including DNA. Kaul has been an miserable failure as attorney general by effectively defunding law enforcement at the DOJ, mismanaging our crime labs, and embracing the woke ideologies that let criminals run wild,” said District Attorney Toney.  “On day one I’ll move to acquire original jurisdiction in Milwaukee so we can begin prosecuting dangerous criminals and removing them from the streets of our state’s largest city.  I’ll partner with local law enforcement to restore law and order, and we’ll begin to reverse the trend of setting a new murder record each year.”On Monday the Milwaukee Police Supervisors Organization (MPSO) endorsed Toney who is also endorsed by the Milwaukee Police Association (MPA), Racine Police Association (RPA), and the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police (WI FOP) representing thousands of police officers.  Toney also enjoys the endorsement of 100+ sheriffs, district attorneys, and police chiefs from across Wisconsin.To make matters worse, Milwaukee used to be a national leader in clearing homicides but now suffers from a low homicide clearance rate, at 56 percent because of how understaffed law enforcement is in Milwaukee.Joining District Attorney Toney was Andrew Wagner of the MPA, who highlighted the need for leaders to step forward to knockdown the rhetoric targeting police officers, which is making more difficult to recruit and train new cops.“As the son of a cop, Eric Toney knows firsthand the sacrifices families of law enforcement officials make each and every day.  The MPA and our frontline officers know we can trust Eric Toney to commit the resources and attention Milwaukee needs to solve this homicide epidemic,” said MPA  President Wagner.  Milwaukee and Wisconsin needs a ‘top cop’ that has a tough on crime record and who isn’t afraid to stand shoulder to shoulder with local law enforcement. Eric Toney has our full support to serve as Wisconsin’s next attorney general.”Toney previously unveiled his plan, Safer Streets, Safer Homes, to tackle the violent crime surge in the state:First, more – not less – cops on the streets.  Toney will work with the incoming governor to provide additional funds to local law enforcement including Milwaukee to add more police officers and provide additional judicial resources to speed up our backlogged court system. We should also provide police agencies the funds to pay the salary of new recruits while they attend the police academy and the cost of training to address the recruitment difficulties law enforcement sees across Wisconsin.Second, I will fill the vacant prosecutor and DCI positions that Kaul left unfilled for over a year, and fix the mess he created at the state crime labs.  We must also add at least 10 additional criminal prosecutors and additional DCI agents to DOJ that work with local law enforcement to investigate and prosecute violent crime throughout Wisconsin.  Kaul has reduced the effectiveness of the Wisconsin Crime Labs despite testing nearly 30% less items in comparison to former Attorney General Brad Schimel.Third, the DOJ must obtain original criminal jurisdiction within Milwaukee County. With the expanded resources this would allow the DOJ to better work with local law enforcement and prosecutors in Milwaukee County to take on hundreds of cases that Milwaukee is either unable or unwilling to prosecute.Fourth, implement mandatory minimums for violent crime.  Five, revise cash bail to allow violent criminals to be held with no bail.“Sadly, Josh Kaul has had two years to stop this homicide epidemic, but he’s failed us because the real solutions do not fit his woke, liberal political agenda,” said Toney.

Fond du Lac County, District Attorney
GOP Candidate for Attorney General

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