[Fond du Lac, WI…] Eric Toney, Fond du Lac County District Attorney and law enforcement’s choice for Attorney General, today released the following statement in response to the Milwaukee Police Supervisor’s Organization endorsement of his campaign.
“Milwaukee is experiencing a violent crime crisis in which criminals are literally getting away with murder.  As attorney general, I’ll fight to make sure the Milwaukee Police have the resources and staffing needed to end the historic violence and drugs and I’ll request original DOJ prosecution authority over Milwaukee to work with local enforcement and prosecutors to lock up more gang-bangers and dangerous drug dealers that have made Milwaukee one of America’s most deadly cities,” said Toney.

“The Milwaukee Police Supervisors know I have the back of cops and that I’ll put the full power of the DOJ behind reversing the murder plague that’s infected Wisconsin’s largest city. It’s unacceptable that Milwaukee’s homicide clearance rates are below 50 percent. As of July 27, 2022, data from the Milwaukee Police Department shows that there have been 133 homicides, this represents a forty percent increase from the same time in 2021. If it remains on the current pace, it will shatter the record of 193 in a year, which was set just last year.” said Toney.

“Josh Kaul is guilty of abandoning Milwaukee of leaving criminal prosecutor and DCI agent positions vacant at the DOJ.  Kaul has effectively defunded the police. during a period of historic violence and drugs.  I’ll ensure prosecutors and DCI agents at the DOJ are fully staffed, and I’ll work with local law enforcement to reverse the trend of Milwaukee shattering their murder record each year. Milwaukee crime bleeds across Wisconsin and by protecting Milwaukee, we protect all of Wisconsin,” Toney said.

The Milwaukee Police Supervisor’s Organization released the following endorsement statement: “The MPSO is endorsing Eric Toney for Attorney General of Wisconsin. Eric Toney has proved he is Law Enforcement’s choice for being a fair and tough prosecutor while working as DA of Fond du Lac County. History has shown that “weak” on crime prosecutors leads to rampant crime in our communities. It’s time that Wisconsin chooses a prosecutor who uphold the law and stand against the political pressures of the day. For these reasons the decision is easy and the Milwaukee Police Supervisor’s Organization is endorsing Eric Toney for Attorney General. Let’s make Eric Wisconsin’s Top Cop!”

District Attorney Toney, law enforcement’s choice for attorney general, is endorsed by more than 100 sheriffs, district attorneys, and police chiefs dwarfing those of his GOP primary opponent.  He is also endorsed by the Milwaukee Police Association (MPA), WI Fraternal Order of Police, and the Racine Police Association.  The MPA said their decision to endorse Toney was a ‘matter of life and death’ as the state’s largest city is experiencing record crime and murder rates.

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