FOND DU LAC, Wis. – Time and time again, Tony Evers and Josh Kaul have advocated for soft on crime polices that harm the people of Wisconsin. Just last week, the Evers Administration appointed convicted felon, Aundray Evans, to the Governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission despite the fact that he is awaiting trial on five felony and misdemeanor charges. 

Eric Toney, Fond du Lac County District Attorney and law enforcement’s choice for Attorney General, today released the following statement in response to the Evers Administration’s decision to let a convicted felon onto the commission: 
“Tony Evers has failed the people of our state time after time and Josh Kaul has been in lock step with him every step of the way. It is unacceptable to appoint felons who are awaiting trial to government positions.” 
Only after outrage from the law enforcement community, Evans was removed from the commission. 
Toney added:
“Wisconsin needs an Attorney General that has a proven track record of standing up for the rule of law, who will fight back against government overreach, and who will stand up to a Governor that is soft on crime. Milwaukee has historic murder and drug deaths under the failed leadership of Kaul and Evers. This must stop and when I’m elected Attorney General – it will.” 

This is just the latest addition to the list of the soft on crime approach of Kaul and Evers:

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