“Josh Kaul’s days of coddling criminals and defunding police and prosecutors will come to an end in November as we hold him accountable for his failures during a period historic violence and drug deaths in Wisconsin. On day one, I’ll stand with our cops, begin cleaning up the mess Josh Kaul as created at our Crime Labs, and begin filling the crucial public safety prosecutor and DCI Agent positions Kaul has left unfilled during historic violence in Wisconsin. 
“I’ll work with the legislature to obtain original prosecutorial authority in Milwaukee County to end the record murders and drug epidemic. Milwaukee crime bleeds across Wisconsin and by protecting Milwaukee, we protect all of Wisconsin.
“I am thankful and humbled for the trust the voters placed in me. When this campaign started in April of 2021 I made the resolution that this campaign was going to be won through hard work and the same grit I was raised with as the son of a cop. The voters responded to our message of restoring respect for the rule of law and stopping the epidemic of drugs and violent crime that has swept Wisconsin.
“I want to thank Adam Jarchow and Karen Mueller for their run. They made our party stronger and me a better candidate, and I look forward to working with them to unite our party. Together we shall put Josh Kaul’s record of failure on trial and make sure that we elect a Prosecutor and not a Politician as Wisconsin’s next Top Cop,” said Toney.

Fond du Lac County, District Attorney
GOP Candidate for Attorney General

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