MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Today, Fond du Lac County District Attorney and law enforcement’s choice for Attorney General, Eric Toney, slammed Josh Kaul for his silence on the early release of violent murderers by the Evers/Barnes Administration.

Eric Toney released the following statement:

“We’ve seen a troubling pattern from Tony Evers. Earlier this year, Evers was asked about meeting with crime victims and he said he had a ‘busy schedule.’ What could be more important than keeping our communities safe and meeting with victims, survivors and families of crime?

“Tony Evers has failed Wisconsin and crime victims by putting heinous criminals back on our streets and our ‘top cop’ Josh Kaul has stood by silently. The Evers/Barnes Parole Commission has released some of the most brutal murderers in Wisconsin’s history, proving that victims of crime are not a priority for them.”

Toney emphasized the courage of the family of Johanna Balsewicz that has stepped up so that other families won’t have to experience the same pain and agony that they have gone through.

Johanna Balsewicz’s sister Karen Kannenberg said they found out her sister’s killer was up for parole after only serving 25 years of an 80 year sentence through the “grapevine.” 

“Our family is a very strong family. If it’s not your loved one, you have no idea how this feels – knowing that somebody now is going to be let out and my sister is dead. My sister only was 23 years old. This system has to change.”

Toney added:

“We have families that are being re-victimized that didn’t even know that someone who murdered one of their loved ones has been released. Why hasn’t the Governor taken responsibility? There is no sentence that can bring their loved ones back but now families are having that justice stolen from them from a governor who either didn’t care or was asleep at the wheel. We cannot afford another four years of this intentional disregard for public safety.”

Republican Nominee for Governor, Tim Michels, and representatives from the Milwaukee Police Association joined Toney for today’s press conference.

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