[Fond du Lac, WI…] The following is a statement from Eric Toney, Fond du Lac County District Attorney and candidate for attorney general.
“In the debate I won against my GOP primary opponents one thing was clear; Adam Jarchow is trying to hide his support for legalizing recreational marijuana. As a front-line prosecutor for nearly a decade, I’ve prosecuted many violent crimes that involve marijuana and I’m firmly opposed to legalizing this drug.
“Jarchow’s plan to legalize drugs is dangerous. The criminal who ran down and killed innocent bystanders at the Waukesha Christmas parade was allegedly high on marijuana. Jarchow’s stance would open the door to potentially a pot store on Waukesha’s main street and communities all across the state.
“Jarchow even co-authored legislation with a left-wing, Madison Democra tpolitician to decriminalize pot. As the next attorney general, I’ll fight to keep drugs away from our kids and put drug dealers behind bars.
“There are few issues more serious than this. The increase illegal flow of drugs due to the Biden Administration’s open borders policies has turned our communities into battlegrounds. Wisconsin needs a Prosecutor and not a Politician to battle  drug crimes and lawlessness.
“Jarchow even made a trip to the southern border.  Was he there to watch first-hand how marijuana can be shipped to Wisconsin to supply his potential stores?”

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