WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Scott Fitzgerald (WI-05) was appointed to the conference committee that will work to reconcile differences between the House and Senate versions of legislation designed to make the U.S. more competitive against China.

“I am honored to be chosen by Leader McCarthy to engage in the important negotiations of this conference committee,” said Congressman Fitzgerald. “As a veteran, I know China’s concerted efforts to undermine our economy and engage in industrial espionage and intellectual property theft deserve a robust response from Congress that holds them accountable for their malign activities. Unfortunately, the partisan legislation pushed through by Speaker Pelosi in February fails to curb China’s activities and seems to be more concerned with advancing the Speaker’s radical social agenda. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the committee on more meaningful legislation that puts American interests first and holds China accountable.”

“Scott Fitzgerald is a fighter for the people of Wisconsin and our country. He is tough on China, strong on national security, and serious about protecting American jobs. He will continue to work to hold China accountable for its horrific human rights abuses and dangers to the free world. I am proud to appoint him to the conference committee, where he will work to produce a truly bipartisan bill that puts America first,” said Leader McCarthy.

A total of 31 House members were selected to serve on the Conference Committee by Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. Of that number, Congressman Fitzgerald was chosen to be the sole representative from the Committee on Small Business.

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