Rep. Mike Gallagher joined Shannon Bream on Fox News yesterday to discuss President Biden’s disastrous energy policy.
Watch the full interview HERE or read highlights from the conversation below:
On the Biden-made energy crisis:
“The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is a short-term sugar high at best. It’s also a serious question as to whether this was the intended purpose…As for the bragging over this temporary decrease, gas prices are still $4.50, on average. That’s $2 higher than when the Biden administration took office. This is nothing to brag about. You’re reminded of the tweet that they released a year ago about how the average cost for a barbecue on the Fourth of July went down. It shows how out of touch they are with the concerns of working-class Americans because they govern [by] Twitter. Because they live on Twitter, they don’t understand the pain that their policies are causing. Finally, I’d say in some ways the pain is the point. The point is to make oil and gas consumption so painful that everyone has to make this transition to John Kerry’s COP 26 fantasyland. It’s time to change course and learn from the failure of these policies.”
On enabling Chinese humanitarian and environmental abuses:
“Well, I just think it illustrates the absurdity of their policy. Instead of going to Texas, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma and unleashing the true innovation of American energy production- which is far cleaner than our adversaries- he’s going all around the world, begging Venezuela for hydrocarbons and trying to get Iranian crude on the international market. What’s more, they’re actually doing the same when it comes to solar. They’re allowing China to dominate the supply chain for solar panel subcomponents, the polysilicon. Ask yourself, how does China make these so cheaply? Because they use slave labor and coal power. China is responsible for the biggest humanitarian and environmental abuses in the world and this administration’s policies are actually increasing Chinese malfeasance. It’s completely absurd. We need to be relying on American energy ascendance and unleash the true power of American energy. It’s both better for the environment and will help working-class Americans with their skyrocketing energy bills.”
On Biden’s capitulation to the extreme progressives:
“We now have over a year’s worth of evidence that he is solely interested in listening to the Bernie Sanders wing of the party. This is Bernie Sanders’ Green New Deal agenda being enacted right now. Compare it to his Democratic predecessor, President Obama. Sure, Obama had environmental snafus — Solyndra stands out. But Obama was also willing to sign a deal on a crude oil export ban. [Biden] is a radical departure even from the policies of the Obama administration. So the Sanders agenda is ascending.”
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