Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) today joined Sandra Smith on America Reports to discuss the Biden Administration’s handling of the crisis in Ukraine. Watch the full interview here, or read highlights of the conversation below.

On Biden’s failed foreign policy:

“We know that the State Department has told embassy personnel to leave. So this is yet another evacuation of a US Embassy. It really raises the question, how many embassies do we need to evacuate around the world before we realize the Biden administration’s foreign policy is not working?”

On Biden’s failure to deter Russia aggression:

“This administration fails to understand the essence of deterrence, which to work needs to be backed by the credible threat of force. And by forecasting repeatedly what they won’t do, especially militarily, they’re undermining our deterrent posture. And that’s why I’m concerned about a complete capitulation of our position. And I’m worried about the people of Ukraine who undoubtedly feel abandoned by the Americans.”

On Biden’s weak leadership:

“In America, the Commander in Chief really sets the tone. It’s the Commander in Chief whose strength, whose consistency is what our adversaries look at. And unfortunately, this administration under the leadership of Biden has projected weakness on the world stage. At times he can’t even get through his talking points in his press conferences. So if you’re General Secretary Xi or Putin, you’re thinking, ‘My gosh, there’s no way Biden’s gonna stand up to me.'”

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