This morning, Rep. Gallagher joined the Faulkner Focus to discuss Biden’s war on American energy and the ongoing crisis on the southern border.
Watch the full interview HERE, or read highlights from the conversation below.
On Biden saying record-high gas prices are part of an “incredible transition:”
“First, they were blaming evil American domestic energy producers, then they shifted to blaming Vladimir Putin. And now it seems the President is just saying the quiet part out loud and saying Americans have to suck it up, endure the pain so that we can expedite this transition to electric vehicles. Well, where’s the electricity going to come for? Where are the batteries going to come from for Electric vehicles? Right? All it does is increase our dependency on China in a perverse way. And right now, John Kerry’s in Davos, making the ridiculous argument that we need to work with the Chinese on climate change. The Chinese don’t care.”
On Biden’s radical energy policy:
“We can maintain this economic war on Russia, but we can’t maintain it while having a simultaneous war on domestic energy production in America. If we take key steps to reverse that war: if we open up leases for drilling on federal lands, if we get the radicals out of FERC, if we do a variety of things to go in a different direction, I think we can be at the cusp of an American energy renaissance- which will actually be better for the environment. If we invest in next generation technology, we can have a policy that’s good for Americans economically, and also fundamentally more environmentally friendly than what the Democrats are selling.”
On the fentanyl crisis:
“It costs us thousands of lives every year. And here’s the other thing: a lot of fentanyl is being produced in China and shipped to Mexico. And it’s not just a matter of it crossing the southern border. Then there are Chinese entities that launder money for the drug trafficking organization. So China’s actually the world’s biggest drug dealer. Our primary long term adversary is profiting off poisoning America’s youth right now. It’s a totally absurd situation. We must secure the border. And Republicans need to make this a key issue going forward and we need to deliver on our promises which we haven’t in the past.”
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