Today, Rep. Mike Gallagher joined Dana Perino and Bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom to discuss President Biden’s disastrous policies, how they’ve fueled the inflation crisis, and steps Republicans should take to stop it. Watch the full interview HERE, or read highlights from the conversation below.
On Biden’s inflation crisis:
“I filled up at Kwik Trip yesterday — it was about $4.10 a gallon here in Green Bay. It’s out of control. And the thing that strikes me, beyond the gas price, beyond just the general price gut punch, is what people are seeing at grocery stores and convenience stores. You’ll remember, Dana, there was a famous moment in 1989 when Boris Yeltsin came to America, walked into a random grocery store, and was amazed at all the abundance, all the shelves overflowing with food and supplies, in contrast to Soviet Russia. Well, fast-forward to today, you walk into any grocery store or pharmacy in any major American city, and not only is there no baby formula, but almost everything is locked up. If you want razor blades or ibuprofen, you have to get a clerk with a key to come unlock it for you, because theft is so bad.”
On Biden’s progressive policies:
“The Biden administration has shown no willingness to change the highly progressive course that they’ve charted. I mean, they’re still talking about reviving Build Back Better. More to the point, they seem focused on fighting the narrative on Twitter. They have some sort of weird terminal Twitter disease whereby Ron Klain seems to think that if he just gets enough blue checkmarks to retweet something, that will make it so, no matter how nonsensical it is. And that lack of humility suggests they’re not going to change course. They’re not sensitive to the concerns of everyday Americans, everyday Wisconsinites.”
On the Republican agenda for the next Congress:
“First and foremost, we’ve got to stop spending like drunken sailors. We also need to do our best to unleash the power of American energy. But honestly, more than anything else, I think we need to do a better job when we’re in the majority of holding the executive branch accountable for its many failures. Americans get discouraged because they feel like no one’s ever held accountable. No one’s held accountable for the embarrassing failure in Afghanistan. Fauci hasn’t been held accountable for covering up the origin of the pandemic. No one’s been held accountable for the theft of hundreds of billions of dollars of unemployment and PPP dollars. When we get those gavels, come next year, we need to do aggressive oversight and investigations of the executive branch to start holding people accountable.”
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