This morning, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) joined Mornings with Maria on Fox Business to discuss the dangers of TikTok and the malign intentions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Click HERE to watch the full interview, or read highlights of the conversation below:

On the need to ban TikTok:

“The CCP effectively controls ByteDance. The Editor in Chief of ByteDance is a CCP secretary who said he vowed that all business lines would follow appropriate political control, and of course, ByteDance owns Tiktok. If you want evidence about the pernicious impact of that ownership structure, look at the interview that the head of public policy for TikTok did yesterday with Jake Tapper. Tapper was asking very fair questions about the genocide of Uyghur Muslims in China, and he refused to answer. He clearly got upset. So we need to ask ourselves whether we want to give the Chinese Communist Party the ability to selectively edit the news on what is quickly becoming the most powerful media company in America. I think the answer is no.”

On the motivation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP):

Their motivation, if you just read what Xi Jinping has talked about for the better part of the last decade, is to succeed where the Soviet Union failed, to perfect the model of total party control, techno totalitarianism… and increasingly export it around the world. Look at what they’ve done with the COVID protests. If that’s what they’ll do to their own citizens, imagine what they would do to a foreign country if given the chance, or what they would do to Taipei if they took over Taiwan. It would make Xinjiang look like Club Med. That’s their goal.”

On the hypocrisy of ESG investing:

“I think the ESG hypocrisy is what drives Americans crazy. These same people that are lecturing us about environmental investing and about climate change, don’t recognize that when it comes to the E, the S, and the G, probably the worst offender in the world on all of those is the Chinese Communist Party. And if the G stands for anything, it should stand for genocide. So we need to ask whether we want American taxpayer dollars and retirement dollars being invested in Chinese military modernization and communist genocide.”

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