WASHINGTON, D.C.– After being named Chairman of the Select Committee on China, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) immediately worked to outline his vision for the committee in the 118th Congress. 

In a joint op-ed with Speaker-elect McCarthy, Gallagher wrote that the Select Committee on China will:

  • Restore supply chains and end critical economic dependencies on China, 
  • Strengthen the military,
  • End the CCP’s theft of American personal data and intellectual property, and
  • Contrast the CCP’s techno-totalitarian state with the values of the Free World. 

Gallagher also joined America’s Newsroom to discuss how the Select Committee will defend the U.S. from CCP aggression:

“We need to reduce our economic dependency on China, and we need to make sure that we are surging hard power west of the International Dateline in defending Taiwan in particular. We also need to understand how China is trying to corrupt and subvert our domestic institutions and make sure that they are not allowed to do that going forward. So this is an important effort…The Chinese Communist Party is our foremost threat in the world today.”

And made clear in an interview on Special Report with Brett Baier that he wants the nature of the Select Committee on China to be bipartisan:

“The predecessor to this [Committee], the China Task Force led by Chairman Mike McCaul, tried to get Democrats to participate. Kevin McCarthy opened that up to Democrats, and they refused for partisan purposes. We want this to be a bipartisan effort. We want the Democrats to nominate serious, sober people to participate, because defending America from Chinese Communist Party aggression should not be a partisan thing.”

You can read more about Rep. Gallagher’s vision for the Select Committee in his interview with Semafor here.

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