Gallagher Joins Martha McCallum to Discuss the Crisis in Ukraine
Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) joined Martha MacCallum on Fox News to discuss the Biden Administration’s handling of the crisis in Ukraine. Watch the full interview here, or read highlights of the conversation below.
On Biden’s foreign policy failures:
“The same team that bungled the evacuation in Afghanistan may get another shot to do the same in Ukraine. We’re a year into the Biden administration, and you can literally measure our global retreat by the number of embassies we’re evacuating. And how many more do we need to evacuate before we realize that Biden’s foreign policy isn’t working?
On the revival of “hashtag diplomacy:”
This administration has delayed in providing assistance to Ukraine, it has projected indecisiveness internationally, and now they’re reviving another bad Obama-era idea, which is this so called ‘hashtag diplomacy’. You have the Secretary of State tweeting, ‘I #stand with Ukraine’ while at the same time, the President is effectively greenlighting a minor incursion into Ukraine from the Russians. So I fear all of this adds up to a very permissive environment for Vladimir Putin. And the situation is about to get much worse.”
On the international consequences of Biden’s weakness:
“Peace through strength works. But America has projected weakness and not strength. Instead, we opened up a vacuum and into that vacuum flow America’s enemies. And it’s not just Ukraine. We’re talking about a looming crisis over Taiwan. General Secretary Xi Jinping is sitting there right now thinking, you know what, given how weak America looks, I could probably get away with an invasion of Taiwan. If the worst I’m going to suffer is a mean hashtag from Jen Psaki, I’m going to go for it.”
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