Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) today joined Trace Gallagher on Fox News to discuss recent reports that suggest Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins may have suppressed information about the origins of COVID-19 for politically motivated purposes. Watch the full interview here, or read highlights of the conversation below.
On early efforts to discredit the lab leak hypothesis:
“It’s looking more and more like a massive cover up and precisely the opposite of what true scientific inquiry is supposed to be all about. And those scientists that we trusted with immense power to guide us during this pandemic appear to have lied to us…There was no such scientific consensus around the natural origin theory. Instead, we had a narrative imposed by Fauci designed to silence dissent. That is unacceptable.”
On steps the U.S. can take to demand answers about COVID-19 origins:
“The President has it within his power to declassify all the intelligence we have surrounding these corrupt assessments, as well as to push an effort to sanction the Chinese Communist Party for the fact that it has stonewalled an investigation and corrupted the WHO. We can also pass a law prohibiting gain of function research, which by some reports, is going to be increased in terms of the amount of funding that we’re going to provide. Finally, we should do everything possible to not allow the Chinese Communist Party to get a massive propaganda victory from this Olympics. We need to put things out there about how they’ve been so aggressive at covering up the origin of this virus. We cannot accept the Biden administration’s intransigence on this issue.”
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