Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Ron Kind criticized the decision by former Gov. Scott Walker-appointed members of Wisconsin’s Natural Resources Board to weaken standards for PFAS chemicals in public drinking water and reject rules to limit PFAS in groundwater.

Last week, the board voted to approve PFAS regulation at a less protective standard than proposed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and failed to address PFAS in groundwater, despite tens of thousands of Wisconsinites relying on private wells for drinking water.

“No Wisconsinite should have to worry about whether or not their drinking water is safe and this refusal to do more to combat PFAS contamination is just plain wrong,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “Our communities deserve better and as a member of the Congressional PFAS Task Force, I’m deeply disappointed with this outcome.”

PFAS chemicals have been found in the drinking water of over 50 cities across Wisconsin, including right here in Wisconsin’s Third Congressional District. Most recently, PFAS levels above recommended standards were discovered in Eau Claire and the Town of Campbell on French Island.

PFAS chemicals are persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic. These chemicals have been linked to harmful human health effects, including cancer, reproductive and developmental harms, and weakened immune systems. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), 328 military sites across the United States have PFAS contamination and over 200 million Americans are drinking contaminated water.

Rep. Kind is a member of the Congressional PFAS Task Force. Recently, Rep. Kind fought to ensure American Rescue Plan funds could be used to address PFAS and helped introduce and pass the landmark PFAS Action Act, which would protect our air, land, and water from PFAS contamination.

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