Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Ron Kind voted for the bipartisan Postal Service Reform Act, legislation that will make badly-needed operational and financial reforms to the United States Postal Service (USPS).

“The USPS is a critical part of our nation’s society and economy. As the only organization that provides regular, affordable delivery to every residential and business address, this service is essential to rural communities across our state,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “The USPS covers the last mile and ensures Wisconsinites can stay connected. I’m proud to vote for bipartisan legislation today to preserve this vital institution for generations to come.”

Over the past years, the USPS has faced increasingly difficult financial conditions and is on the road to insolvency. The Postal Service Reform Act will make key reforms to help the USPS stay financially viable and continue to deliver the reliable service that Wisconsinites depend on. These provisions include Medicare integration, requiring the USPS to deliver at least six days per week across an integrated network, eliminating the burdensome requirement to prefund retiree health benefits, increased transparency regarding service performance, regular reporting on financial performance, and more.

Rep. Kind has been a longtime supporter of the USPS. During the 116th Congress, Rep. Kind voted for the HEROES Act, which allocated $25 billion in emergency funds to the USPS and added further protections for postal workers as well as a COVID-19 relief package that provided $10 billion in direct funding for the USPS. Additionally, he signed a letter to House Leadership requesting the USPS be given direct relief to maintain service standards and keep Area Mail Processing facilities open and cosponsored the Protect Our Post Offices Act.

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