Today, Congresswoman Moore voted to pass H.R. 2543, the Financial Services Racial Equity, Inclusion, and Economic Justice Act, a package of bills aimed at promoting racial and economic equity in our communities. This package includes H.R. 7003, the Expanding Financial Access for Communities Act, legislation Congresswoman Moore introduced during her tenure on the Financial Services Committee, which Chairwoman Maxine Waters is now spearheading.

“Growing up during the Civil Rights movement, I saw Black Americans gain access to civil rights long denied to them and finally receive basic accommodations. But even after gaining these freedoms, Black people had to and continue to play catch up financially. I knew the increasing economic opportunity was the next step in achieving equity. I noticed that people in my community lacked access to capital and financial resources. That’s why when I was an AmeriCorps member, I started a community credit union in Milwaukee from scratch, which still exists today.

By expanding access to federal credit unions in low-income communities, the Expanding Financial Access for Communities Act builds on my personal mission and addresses urgent needs in underbanked and unbanked communities. I previously introduced this bill and am so thrilled and proud that Chairwoman Waters picked up the mantle. With this much-needed legislation, we will help honor the promise of financial freedom for all Americans and help give those previously shut out access to resources to achieve their dreams.”

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