“America depends on a strong and reliable Postal Service. The United States Postal Service reaches into every community, rural, urban, and suburban, across our nation through its unmatchable delivery network. Over 600,000 hardworking Postal Service employees, nearly a quarter of them veterans and nearly half are people of color, help the Postal Service carry out its obligations and provide top quality service to millions of Americans, which has helped the Postal Service consistently rank as one of the most respected institutions.

My constituents, like most Americans, rely on the efficient and timely delivery of paychecks, bills, VA benefits, and medication by the Postal Service.

Rather than cutting or reducing service, slowing the mail, or privatizing the postal service as some have proposed, it is long past due that Congress take up and pass legislation such as the Postal Reform Act to strengthen this vital public good. The bill includes provisions that I have long supported such as to preserve six-day delivery of the mail. I also strongly support the provision in this bill to end the unprecedented retiree health benefits prefunding requirement imposed by the 2006 postal reform law that has been a financial liability. As a cosponsor of the USPS Fairness Act, it is long time Congress move to end that requirement.

While this legislation does not address every problem, for example efforts by the Postmaster General that have contributed to higher postage rates and slower mail, it would without a doubt, help put the Postal Service on a better path.

We need a strong USPS that maintains accessible services for all in our communities which is why I am pleased to support this bipartisan bill.”

Additionally, the bill includes key reforms to secure timely mail delivery by creating an online dashboard with national and local service performance data and requiring a six-day mail delivery for mail and packages.

Read more on the Postal Service Reform Act here.

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