“This is a terrifying day, because the Supreme Court has turned its back on precedent to roll back individual rights and liberties. Today’s ruling is not only the end of the federal right for women to have control over their bodies, but also demonstrates the Court is very likely to take away other personal liberties from Americans. This decision has made the lives of women and girls more tenuous, dangerous, and restricted.

If you don’t care about abortion, you should! This decision goes beyond reproductive rights – it’s about the personal freedoms now at risk because of a partisan, extremist Supreme Court.

When people start talking about taking their country back, they must be talking about this day – because this is that moment when the country is taking us back in time to not only when abortion was banned, but gay marriage was illegal, and interracial marriage was outlawed.

Though this is a hard day, it’s not over! I will keep getting up each day to safeguard our other liberties and restore this vital right to every woman.”

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