“Our veterans courageously serve our country. They protect us and it’s our duty to ensure they receive the health care, treatment, and accommodations they need.

Today, I was pleased to support House passage of several pieces of legislation that honors this promise by, among other efforts, requiring the VA to improving its breast cancer screening technology for breast cancer screening and increasing eligibility for mammograms for those who have been exposed to toxic substances during their service in certain locations during specified periods. Additionally, I voted to pass a bill to require dedicated lactation spaces in every VA medical center, so nursing parents have a clean and secure place for them and their baby. We need to continue reducing all barriers to quality health care and keep finding ways to support our veteran mothers.

Congress also has a responsibility to address the disturbing number of sexual assaults happening on military bases. In addition to seeking accountability and answers for these crimes, we also need to support survivors. I voted for legislation that would provide survivors applying for benefits through the Veterans Benefits Administration with a peer support specialist, which will support their mental wellbeing as they seek coverage through the claims process, which can be a traumatizing experience. Other legislation that I supported would make it easier for those who have suffered military sexual trauma as they pursue appeals with the VA Board of Veterans Appeals and to provide those veterans applying for disability compensation for conditions related to military sexual trauma with information about a wide range of available VA services, including the Veterans Crisis Line and mental health counseling. It’s also important that these survivors have support when they leave the military and as they seek benefits from the VA for resulting from harm that occurred during their service. I will continue championing our veterans and help ensure they receive services that match their selfless commitment to our country.”

The bills that passed the House today are:

H.R. 2724 – VA Peer Support Enhancement for MST Survivors Act, as amended (Rep. Delgado – Veterans’ Affairs)

H.R. 5738, the Lactation Spaces for Veteran Moms Act

H.R. 6064, VA & NASEM Agreement for MST

H.R. 6961, the Dignity for MST Survivors Act

H.R. 7335 – MST Claims Coordination Act (Rep. Luria – Veterans’ Affairs)

  1. 2533– Making Advances in Mammography and Medical Options for Veterans Act (Sen. Tester – Veterans’ Affairs)
  2. 2102– Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas SERVICE Act (Sen. Boozman – Veterans’ Affairs)

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